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March 19, 2010
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abase, abash, abeyance, abjure, ablution, abnegation, abrogate, abstemious, abstruse, abut, abysmal, accede, acclivity, accoutre, accretion, acidulous, acme, acrimonious, acrophobia, actuarial, actuate, adamant, adjunct, adjuration, adjutant.

“But why would Plato abase himself in front of his students if he knew that the degrading humiliation would ruin his reputation?”

“Plato didn’t care how abashed he was, so long as he spoke the truth.”

This is why I hate philosophy class. Luckily, the discussion was held in abeyance as this very bored-looking kid sitting in the back of the room interrupted the two speakers.

“I don’t believe in God!”

It was kind of random for him to abjure his theism, but I was too thankful for the change of topic to pass judgement. Then suddenly he stood up and started pouring water over his head and vigorously rubbing it clean with his free hand. This public ablution was clearly a humorless mockery of the tradition of baptism. This kid’s abnegation of his reputation was not unusual at Columbia, where kids often sacrificed their reputations of normalcy to be in the spotlight.

I really wish this kind of behavior were abrogated. Life is already bad enough due to the terrible food at the dining hall that forces an abstemious diet open us.

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March 19, 2010
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I’m preparing to take The GRE in a few months because I remembered how fun the SAT was and wanted moreĀ I’m applying to graduate schools next fall and it’s required. The GRE tests the intellectual adroitness we’re supposed to obtain in our undergraduate studies.

As an engineer, I may laugh at the quantitative sections of the test, but the vocabulary sections makes me wish I had read something other than Harry Potter (the entire series. several times).

And with that, I am starting this blog to teach myself, and the trillions of avid followers I pretend read this, the words Barron’s test prep book advises I learn.

To keep it interesting, I will write a short “story” everyday with the new words I have inculcated in my memory.

En garde, GRE!

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